Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back at Sea

Lots going on in the Sunderland house these days with Wild Eyes finally over from Florida and Abby's departure date right around the corner. Since my last blog which was quite a while ago I have turned 18 had a really fun party with some good friends down in the marina. Soon after that it was down to Ensenada with my dad, photographer Lisa Gizara and her fiancee Eric to pick up Wild Eyes off the ship. Abby had sailed down with our friend Peter a day before. We met up with an LA Times crew down there - it was good to see Pete Thomas and Al Seib again.

The next day the boat was put in the water and they were off. My dad, Abby and the LA Times guys in Wild Eyes and Peter and myself in his Fairweather 39 doing the bash up to San Diego. The trip went well in Lady K; warm food, 3 hours on and 3 hours off watches but from what I hear, Wild Eyes was quite cramped as the boat is really only made to fit one and there were five!

We bashed along through the night in the freezing cold til we were off of the Coronado Islands where Wild Eyes slammed into a drifting kelp patty. We ended up towing them for a little way and arrived in SD around 6am after a pretty sleepless night. We both cleared customs after which the LA Times crew got out of there pretty fast. Looking at Wild Eyes we saw that some how the boat was wrapped in kelp so out with the wet suit and knives and I jumped into the freezing water. It took me 2 hours to cut my way through it all. It was weird staying up all night and then being weightless under water. I was 10 feet under holding on to the keel and started to fall asleep under water holding my breath. I think I had a dream and everything!

After that experience and some super glue holding my sliced hand together we were off again for a pretty smooth sail down to Marina del Rey. Now that I'm back it is just lots of work to do. I've been doing a lot of work on Intrepid getting her back to her previous glory - slow and steady.

The long awaited DVD production is moving along and is due out at the first of the year. Thanks again for all of your patience.

Happy holidays to everyone.