Thursday, August 27, 2009

Congratulations Mike!

I haven't had time for much sightseeing since touching down in New York this time. I have been in meetings since I arrived. It's all good as I am navigating my way through a major change in my life since returning from my solo sail around the world.

I hear that congratulations are in order for fellow solo sailor, Mike Perham. Good on ya Mike and all the best for you and your family upon your return. I know how you feel not wanting the trip to end but end it must. There are so many opportunities that will open up for you now. Who knows, if we could meet by chance in Cape Town while traveling opposite directions and virtually completely different courses, perhaps we will meet again. All the best and heartfelt congratulations.

Meanwhile, Abby and Dad are in Newport, Rhode Island checking out a possible boat for her trip. I won't ruin her news so that is all I'll say for now.

One more meeting tomorrow and then I'm back to Cali. Looking forward to getting back and getting to work on some school, speaking engagements and, yes, more meetings!



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beautiful Virginia Beach

I did my packing at about 1:00 this morning and then woke up at 4:45 to catch a 7:00am flight. Just made it and after 6 hrs in the smallest possible seat made for humans I'm in Virginia Beach. It is really a beautiful place. Flying in I saw all the rivers around here - definitely thinking about sailing them some time.

I've got a gnarly headache from all the plane air or something. Have to get some sleep I'm going to be on the 700 Club at 9am. Not sure if its live... and 9am east coast time is 6am in California.

Yeah for early mornings.:(


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jennifer Diamond Foundation Regatta

Sorry of the lack of blog going on but it has been really busy over here. On Saturday, I raced in the Jennifer Diamond Cancer Foundation Regatta, a race to raise money for their organization. Their mission is to empower people with knowledge as they fight cancer or help someone they know who has cancer. The Jennifer Diamond Cancer research library is open to all; it contains state of the art Apple computers, monitors, a printer/copier, and a variety of books, as well as information on CD-ROM and video. The foundation also supports cancer research.

I raced on a Catalina 42 and we had really light wind for most of the race. We spent most of the race running under the kite trying to keep it filled. I got on the helm for two of the runs and the finishing limp over the mark so it was a good day overall. We went back to the Del Rey Yacht Club for some dinner and the awards ceremony. Harvey and Alice Diamond presented me with the 'Triumph' Award and a really cool trophy with a perfect likeness of Intrepid engraved on it topped with a crystal globe with my route etched on it. It was the most amazing award I have ever received.

Today I got picked up in a limo and brought to Duarte, a town on Route 66 for some PR for the annual Route 66 Parade. I'm going to be the Grand Marshal of their parade on September 19th. I did some photos and interviews for their press and now I'm packing for an early morning flight to Virginia Beach to do an interview with the 700 Club. Then I am on to NY again to work/meet with my literary agent, have a meeting with MTV and also with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Photo copyright Walt Mancini
It should be another busy rest of the week. Well, I haven't packed yet and I have to be up at 4:45am tomorrow so I'd better get to it.



With Harvey Diamond

Monday, August 17, 2009

Two Cities, Two Governors

On 5th Avenue
We touched down at JFK Airport in New York late on Friday afternoon and got to our hotel, in the Times Square area, a few hours later. We ordered the most expensive cheeseburgers and cokes ever from room service and hit the streets to explore.

At FAO Schwartz
Saturday morning my mom dragged me down 5th Avenue to go to FAO Schwartz to buy my little sister a birthday present. We met up with Mike Huckabee (the Governor) and his staff over at the Fox studios. Lets just say that my mom was happier than I was about the hair and makeup job! The interview was short and sweet. Mike Huckabee is a great guy - super laid back for someone as powerful as he is. Afterwards, we went upstairs to meet Geraldo Rivera, who was working in his office. He is a big time sailor and we talked about my trip and other boating/adventuring stuff.

Me, Mom and Mike Huckabee
So after the Huckabee Show, my mom grabbed a cab to the Metroplitan Museum of Art and I met a friend from Mauritius and ran around Central Park and China Town. We weren't due to fly out until Sunday late so my mom and I had another day to explore NY - and that we did.

Central Park

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
We saw the big green lady, Canal Street - the main road of NY's China Town. I got this gangster hat, as my mom calls it, and my mom got a watch. We also became masters of subway travel. It's really amazing how fast you can get around, actually faster than driving with all the traffic lights.

The flight back was long - 6 1/2 hours during which the plane went through a lightning storm. We landed, safe and tired at 12am and I went down to the marina and spent the night as I had to get up at 5 to grab a shower and catch a town car to the airport for a flight to Sacramento to meet the Governator. Well, I set the alarm and went to sleep. I woke up at 6 to my cell phone ringing. I answered it and my dad told me that the car was waiting for me.

I jumped out of bed, grabbed my collared shirt and my gangster hat to cover up my messy hair and ran up to the parking lot - pulling on my shirt while running. I got to the airport and the car driver relieved me of my last 40 dollars! Thankfully, I managed to get to the flight on time and had a short flight.

When I made it to Sacramento I met up with a couple of the governor's assistants and we went over to the airport and chilled with some of Arnold's bodyguards while we waited for his jet to pull in. It finally did and he came out toking a cigar - classic Schwarzenegger!

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
We rode in a motorcade all the way to the capitol building. We talked about my trip and he was a really cool guy. We made it to the Capitol building and he presented me with a plaque and jacket and I gave a speech to his office staff.

One of Schwarzenegger's assistants, Ben, took me around the Capitol for a tour and well let's just say I no longer need to take California History. But ya, had an awesome time and caught an hour flight back to Cali and now I think I'm gonna get some sleep....

Goodnight everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

New York City

Spent most of today flying to New York, driving to hotel and looking for food! Have been exploring and seeing the sites here in the Times Square area. My mom and I will be interviewing with Mike Huckabee tomorrow afternoon. The show will air at 5:00 & 11:00pm Pacific Time on Saturday and again on Sunday at 5:00, 8:00 & 11:00pm.
Photos and more to follow...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meeting Jesse Martin

Meeting Jesse Martin aboard Intrepid

Alright, so the last couple days have been pretty packed. I woke up Monday morning to, "You have five minutes to get in the car. We're late!" On the way in to the marina I was told that my interviews that I was supposed to have at the house had been switched to the be at the boat because Jesse Martin, the Ozzy guy who holds the record for the youngest, non-stop and unassisted solo circumnavigation. He set the record in 2001 in his 34 ft Sparkman Stevens Lioheart, a boat similar to Intrepid.

After a couple interviews, Jesse came down to the marina with the ESPN crew. Jesse and I went down to Intrepid and I showed him around. We shared stories of the sea and things about the long ocean crossings alone. After an hour or so Jesse had to be off. It was awesome to finally meet Jesse, one of my inspirations for going on my trip.

Other than that, I'm going to New York this Saturday to be on the Mike Huckabee Show.
Keeping busy, for sure!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Days

The last couple days have been typical Thousand Oaks summer days: chilling with friends, doing whatever to get some adrenaline pumping, but also planning the next adventure. There are tons of ideas going around but haven't decided on one for sure yet though. I've been pulling all my junk off Intrepid and she has gone up about 3'' in the water.

My room in Thousand Oaks now has the smell of a mildewy boat and I've been spending my spare time sorting through swollen books and all the stuff I've picked up in the last 13 months.

I've been meeting with a lot of people in the movie biz that wanna make a movie out of my trip which has been interesting. Another thing I am excited about is doing some speaking engagements. I have been putting down my thoughts on what led to my trip and how I dealt with some of the hardships, etc. I hope to be able to encourage other people with what I have been able to do. It should be interesting.

But other then that a lot of my friends go off to college in a couple of weeks so getting some good times in before they're gone for a year. As for me, I have a few more requirements to finish high school before I can think of my college plans.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Latest

Heading back to Intrepid this morning to catch up on some maintenance. It is so familiar on Intrepid - she still feels like home to me. Every time I go down there, it seems to smell stronger of diesel and boat smell. Funny thing is every time Dad goes down there he says it is smelling better!

Our meetings with William Morris Endeavor are going really well. It is good to have some quality people behind me at this stage in the game for sure. I have been busy with meetings and interviews and working on some soul searching for the book.

Someone asked if I had heard from some of the veteran solo sailors: Robin Graham, Tania Aibi etc...I have heard from both of them and from Mike Perham, Jessica Watson and Jesse Martin's mom. They are a great group of people. It is awesome to part of this group of amazing people.

My brother and sister are sailing to raise money for the Westlake Nautical Foundation that supports youth sailing on our area. I will attempt to attach a flyer with info. You should be able to click on the flyer to enlarge it.

If you are interested in supporting Toby & Jessie contact my mom at and she will get you the info.

All for now, gotta get back to work here.