Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Things

Phew! Another long day with so much going on it is hard to relate it all to you!

Dad and I got to the boat early to prep it for display at the Marina del Rey Boat SHow where I am leaving from. There was a media preview time from 11-1 when the press could come down before the show starts to shoot 'B roll' (background shots) for their coverage of the show this weekend.
This weekend!! Haven't really had time to digest that with all the busyness.

Lots of interviewing and a last tweek of the rigging before heading out for an awesome sea trial. Wind was up and sun was out. Very nice. Oliver from UK Halsey Sails gave the sails his blessing and pulled up the spinnaker for a photo shoot.

Have been working with the electronics and software and getting to know their settings. Also stowing what seemed like a few things at home but now looks kind of ridiculous in my little home. Even the pots and pans have to be small.

We were given a booth at the Boat Show even though my mom tried to give it back! Come and check us out. Artist and friend Tim Hill designed a few T shirts that will be available at the show.

Mike Smith has gone home. Don't know what we would have done without him!

Darrell and Peter are hanging tough, helping with all the many details left to be dealt with.

Until tomorrow,



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hang in there!! I saw your story on the Today show last week and it inspired me to send you a bit of money to help support your efforts. I work with young adults with disabilities and I always encourage them to do whatever they are capable of accomplishing. I can imagine your discouragement at the lack of wind and the constant rocking. Hang in there! You know there are beautiful winds and skies in the days ahead. We are all following your journey and are praying for you daily. Hang in my friend!

St. Petersburg, Florida

June 19, 2008 at 5:26 PM  

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